Jim has been a godsend to us in selling our house. Working as an advisor and consultant, Jim has researched all the best realtors in our geographic area and came up with the 5 top names. Based on that list, we interviewed all 5 and chose 3 with whom to have a final interview. During the interviews, Jim took notes and helped us review our choices. He remained objective throughout this process and never inserted his own preferences into the review discussions. We ultimately chose one realtor with whom to list our house and were very pleased with the outcome. Jim guided us through this whole process and also took it upon himself to inform the realtors who had not won the listing while keeping them involved in the ongoing process of selling our home and not estranging them from us.

With Jim’s knowledge of the whole landscape of the real estate market, he has been extremely helpful in holding our hands and assuring us of a successful outcome. After living in our home for 40 years, we are quite new to this process and quite emotional. Jim has been very reassuring and also realistic, which in this market is no small feat. We look forward to working with Jim throughout the process of selling our house and buying a new one. My husband and I would recommend Jim without hesitation to anyone who would desire a consultant, real estate expert and advisor when selling a home or buying a new one. Jim is excellent at follow-up and keeping us informed. His knowledge and certification in the real estate market, as well as his legal background have been immeasurably helpful to us.


Dee Burman

Partner at Burman/Strauss
Retirement Consultants, Inc.