Jim offers a FREE referral service to people who are planning to sell their home due to job changes or downsizing prior to retirement, or buying a new home anywhere in the United States.

80% of Homes Bought
Are SOLD by 20% Real Estate Agents
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You should know that 80% of homes are bought and sold by 20% of Real Estate Agents. It is virtually impossible to find a Realtor in the upper 5% on your own, by asking a neighbor, going to an open house, or calling or walking into a Realtor Office and talking to the “newbies” on phone or floor duty.

The Realtor referral system is designed to feed referrals to the newbies rather than seasoned professionals who are well established and very busy with their clients. You will likely never meet a Realtor that does not claim they are the best. Jim provides a nationwide complimentary service to help people find a local Realtor in the top 5% of Realtor production. Give Jim a call for tips on how to find an experienced top Realtor who knows the local market and will guide you in the selection and negotiation of the best property to fit your needs.

Jim is a licensed Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker, retired attorney, retired real estate banker, and retired financial advisor. He does not represent clients personally.

Jim has an MBA, JD, and 40+ years experience in banking and specialized in Real Estate.

Please call (312) 218-9192 or e-mail Jim@OBrienREC.com

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