People generally don’t know how the present real estate marketing and referral system operates. When they contact a Real Estate firm or a local Real Estate Agent for a referral, they will be stuck with the dreaded “newbie”. The best agents in any firm are expected to find their own referrals from previous clients or through their own marketing efforts. The agents answering the phones, greeting walk-ins, or hosting “open houses” are all “newbies” being “trained” by the Managing Broker and learning from their mistakes at the clients’ expense. Their mission is to capture a client. Most people wind up with the first agent they meet. How can someone get past them or turn them down? How embarrassing! Even if a potential customer asks for a referral through a local real estate firm, or uses a corporate relocation program, or some other relocation service, the receiving Managing Broker will surely match them up with a “newbie”.

Perhaps they should start by getting some expert complimentary advice on how to get to the best agent possible? If so, tell them to FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, A RETIRED MANAGING BROKER, NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY REAL ESTATE FIRM.  JAMES R. O’BRIEN, O’BRIEN REAL ESTATE CONSULTING, CHICAGO, IL, AT

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