Jim, you must spend a lot of time in the search of top Realtors in any location in the nation and your service is free. How is that possible? How are you compensated for your time?

You are correct it takes a lot of time, as you will find out if you search for a top Realtor on your own. It can be a full time job. Fortunately for you all Real Estate firms pay for the referrals they receive from licensed Managing Brokers. These referral fees are standard in the industry, but no amount can be passed on to the client. That would be illegal. The referral fee is paid out of the Broker’s commission, so there is no cost to you. You have nothing to lose and you gain a lot of time saved.

What advantages do you have over me in a search? Can’t I perform the same tasks?

You can perform the same task if you want to spend the time and effort necessary. However, a licensed managing broker has the benefit of knowledge that is not easily obtained by the public, hands on experience, and the advantage of professional courtesy to assist him in his search for a top Real Estate Agent.

Do you have a large personal network in place of top agents that you refer to?

No. Actually that would be a limiting factor.  Networks are not the way to go in my opinion.  No one could possibly know enough people in enough locations.  I do each search individually in any location in the nation and review the Agents record to verify they are indeed a top Agent.

Can I pick from a number of Agents or do you pick one for me?

I view my job as bringing a number of candidates to you for your review. I will review their information with you, but you will make the final decision. If you are dissatisfied in any way or sense a bad personality fit at any time, we can go on to the next agent of your choice and I will deliver the embarrassing bad news and help you make the switch.

Why do 75% of clients go with the first Real Estate agent they meet?

Once you make contact with a Real Estate Agent their primary job is to recruit you as a client. They give you their sales pitch and want to start working for you right away. It is difficult for people to say no unless they are totally turned off by the first impression.

What are my chances of getting an experienced top agent by first contact?

Very low. The best agents are expected to generate their own business through past clients and their own marketing efforts such as “farming” specific assigned neighborhoods.  The agents you meet by phoning, walking in, or sitting open houses are generally new agents eager to get a client. They eventually get “trained” and experienced through their mistakes at your expense.

Is there a recommended procedure to get to the experienced agents?

Most of the professionals in the videos on this website recommend to do research on-line, do several face-to-face interviews, ask extensive questions, and then evaluate. It is even harder when they are moving out of their local area. This is a very time intensive approach and in the end very difficult for the client to evaluate. Most people end up with the first agent they interview.